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    Lakewood Man Charged with Attempted Murder

    Charlie Robert Brammeier, DOB: 3-16-84, of Lakewood, has been charged with nine counts in the assault and robbery of Timothy Gomez, 43, on August 4, 2014.

    Brammeier has been charged with:
    • Attempted Murder Second Degree (F3)
    • First Degree Assault (F3)
    • Second Degree Burglary (F3)
    • Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft (F4)
    • False Information to Pawnbroker (F6)
    • Theft (M2)
    • 2 counts Crime of Violence (sentence enhancer)

    At 11:45 a.m. on August 4, Lakewood police responded to a 911 call from Dannette Maes saying that her room mate had been assaulted at their home. Police went to the home at 1250 S. Pierce Street and found her room mate, Timothy Gomez, seriously injured and lying on the couch. Gomez and Maes lived at the house on S. Peirce Street along with two other room mates.

    Maes was associated with Brammeier and had invited him over to the house on the night of August 3rd. According to court documents, Maes said that she thought Brammeier left the house at 2:30 a.m. in the morning of the 4th. Maes said that she was awakened at 11:30 a.m. by another room mate who said that Brammeier had assaulted Timothy Gomez. She saw Gomez on the sofa and as she was dialing 911 she saw Brammeier come back into the house, take something from Gomez and then drive away.

    Timothy Gomez was transported to the hospital where he was treated for a serious head injury, multiple facial fractures and subdural bleeding.

    A warrant was issued for Charlie Brammeier’s arrest on August 4th and he was arrested in Hartley County Texas, on August 5th. He was returned to Colorado and had his first appearance before a judge on August 8th. His preliminary hearing is expected to be in September.

    Pam Russell
    DA Public Information

    August 14, 2014

    Charlie Brammeier

    Last Updated: 8-21-2014
  • The filing of a criminal charge is merely a formal accusation that an individual has committed a crime(s).
    A defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty. See Colo. RPC 3.6.