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    Michael McCoy Sentence in Vehicular Homicide on Highway 93

    (Golden, CO – April 18, 2014) Michael Jerome McCoy, 22, was in court today to be sentenced for the vehicular homicide death of 61-year-old Patricia Jane “PJ” Bybee in March 2013. The judge sentenced McCoy to four years in prison but said that she wanted him brought back for a reconsideration hearing and a possible reduction of sentence.

    On March 13, 2013, Michael McCoy was driving northbound on Highway 93 at a high rate of speed when he attempted to pass the car in front of him in a clearly marked no-passing zone. Patricia Bybee was traveling southbound on Highway 93 when Mr. McCoy hit her head-on. She died from head injuries sustained in the crash.

    McCoy was on his way to class at CU Boulder at the time of the collision. He was traveling at over 83 mph when he hit Patricia Bybee’s car. Investigators searched his backpack and found small amounts of amphetamines, ecstacy, methamphetamine, an electonic scale and baggies. They also searched his cell phone and found photos of drugs, Mr. McCoy using drugs and alcohol, and a photo of a gun.

    In an courtroom filled to overflowing, the judge heard what a remarkable woman PJ Bybee had been. She was accomplished, independent, highly-respected, kind, generous and she lived her life fully.

    According to his defense attorney Mr. McCoy was a college student who enjoyed a life of privilege and that it was clear that Mr. McCoy was abusing marijuana.

    Prosecutors asked for the maximum sentence of six years in prison. Mr. McCoy was rejected for placement in a community corrections facility. The Jefferson County Probation Department recommended a prison sentence for Mr. McCoy. In imposing sentence, the judge made it clear that she wanted Mr. McCoy brought back for reconsideration and wanted him to be re-screened for community corrections. The judge stated that she would like a four-year community corrections sentence and in lieu of that she would resentence him to two years in prison.

    McCoy pled guilty to Vehicular Homicide (F4) on February 7, 2014. The reconsideration hearing has been set for June 30, 2014.

    Pam Russell
    DA Public Information

    April 18, 2014

    Michael McCoy

    Last Updated: 4-22-2014
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