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    Xavier McDaniel Guilty of Attempted Sexual Assault and Attack of Teen

    A Jefferson County jury found Xavier Sebastian McDaniel, 21, guilty of three felony counts for the attempted sexual assault and attack of a 15-year-old teen in Littleton.

    On April 4, 2013 the teenage victim came home from school and called her mother to check in. She had just settled in front of the television with a snack when Xavier McDaniel, who lived in the same apartment complex as the victim, walked into her home. He quickly checked to see if anyone else was home. He then ordered her to take off her tank top. She refused. McDaniel attacked the teen, repeatedly punching her in the face and head. She fought and struggled in her attempt to escape. When McDaniel’s hand was clasped over her mouth she bit him, drawing blood.

    During the attack the teen suffered a subdural hematoma, lacerations, bruising and fractured a tooth. Blows to the head caused her to lose consciousness more than once.

    McDaniel continued to assault the girl as he dragged her through the apartment and into the bedroom. He forced her on to the bed as he pulled off her shorts. She continued to try to fight him off.

    The girl was able to get away from McDaniel and he ran from the apartment. She looked out a window and saw him leave. She called 911. After the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office arrived, the teen was transported to the hospital. From her hospital bed she was able to provide police with identifying information about the vehicle he was driving, as well as providing information for a composite sketch.

    During the week of trial, the jury saw evidence of the teen’s blood on her clothing and the comforter from her bed. They also saw blood spatter from the assault on the bedroom walls and ceiling. Jurors also saw McDaniel’s blood on the teen’s shorts and the comforter.

    The DNA left at the apartment by McDaniel confirmed his identity as the attacker.

    McDaniel was on bond in a Douglas County case at the time of this assault. In that case a jury found him guilty of Unlawful Sexual Contact (M1) on January 15, 2014.

    The jury in Jefferson County deliberated just one day before returning their guilty verdicts. They found Xavier McDaniel guilty of Child Abuse causing Serious Bodily Injury (F3); Attempted Sexual Assault – Serious Bodily Injury (F3); and Attempted Sexual Assault – Force (F4).

    Sentencing has been set for April 17 at 8:30. McDaniel faces a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 10 years up to life.

    Pam Russell
    DA Public Information

    February 20, 2014

    Xavier McDaniel

    Last Updated: 2-20-2014
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