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    Xavier McDaniel Sentenced to Prison for 24 Years to Life

    Xavier Sebastian McDaniel, 22, was sentenced today for the brutal attack and attempted sexual assault of a 15-year-old teen in Littleton. District Judge Lily Oeffler sentenced McDaniel to prison for a period of 24 years to life.

    On April 4, 2013 Xavier McDaniel attacked the teen in her home, repeatedly punching her in the face and head and then attempting to sexually assault her. She fought and struggled in her attempt to escape. She bit McDaniel when his hand was clasped over her mouth. She was able to get away from McDaniel and he ran from the apartment.

    During the attack the teen suffered a subdural hematoma, lacerations, bruising and fractured a tooth. Blows to the head caused her to lose consciousness more than once.

    McDaniel was on bond in a Douglas County case at the time of this assault. In that case a jury found him guilty of Unlawful Sexual Contact (M1) in January, 2014.

    At the sentencing hearing today, the prosecutor described the violent assault of the teen and asked for a prison sentence of 35 years to life, saying, “This victim deserves justice and justice demands that Xavier McDaniel be punished and punished severely.”

    The prosecutor said that McDaniel demonstrated deviant sexual interests as evidenced in four violent, pornographic rape videos found on his cell phone when he was arrested. He also said that McDaniel had been researching information on chloroform online.

    In handing down her sentence, Judge Oeffler referenced the violent rape videos, the seriousness of the assault of this victim and how close in time the unlawful sexual contact in Douglas County had taken place. She also mentioned the chloroform information on McDaniel’s phone and said, “I can only think you were planning for a next victim, so they could not resist you.”

    The jury in Jefferson County deliberated just one day before returning their guilty verdicts in February, 2014. They found Xavier McDaniel guilty of Child Abuse causing Serious Bodily Injury (F3); Attempted Sexual Assault – Serious Bodily Injury (F3); and Attempted Sexual Assault – Force (F4).

    Pam Russell
    DA Public Information

    April 17, 2014

    Xavier McDaniel

    Last Updated: 4-17-2014
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