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    Attorney Glenn Gregory Sentenced to 8Y Prison for Bilking Grandmother out of $1.3M

    A Lakewood attorney was sentenced to just eight years in prison for stealing over $1.3 million from his 89-year-old step-grandmother. Glenn William Gregory, DOB: 3-13-62, was sentenced on August 18, 2017.

    In June, a Jefferson County jury found Gregory guilty of thirteen theft-related counts. The money was taken from bank accounts opened in the name of the Martha Violet Villano Trust Fund (MVV Trust).
    The trust was to be used for Mrs. Villano’s benefit and was bled down to $24.00 by the time the case was filed in 2016. The sole purpose of the MVV Trust was to provide for Mrs. Villano and Gregory did not have permission to use any of those funds for his personal use.

    Gregory was trustee for the MVV Trust and had power of attorney for Mrs. Villano. Between August, 2006 and May, 2015 Mr. Gregory disbursed over $1.3M from the MVV Trust’s accounts, including cash, online transfers to other accounts controlled by Gregory, and gifts to five family members.

    Mrs. Villano was deposed prior to trial due to health concerns. That recorded interview was presented to the jury. “This is exactly the situation we had in mind when we worked with the legislature to pass HB1027 allowing us to depose frail, elderly victims,” said District Attorney Pete Weir, “That bill, which became law in 2016, allowed us present this evidence to the jury when the victim could not appear in person.” Mrs. Villano died 10 days after the jury returned its verdict.

    Gregory could have been sentenced to decades in prison. “This defendant deserved a very lengthy prison sentence,” said DA Pete Weir. “Not only was Gregory the victim’s grandson, he also is a lawyer who violated the basic tenets of the profession. We believe that this is the highest value theft from an at-risk elder in Colorado. A strong message needs to be sent to those who take advantage of this vulnerable population. In the DA’s Office, our Elder Abuse Unit remains committed to the aggressive prosecution of those who victimize our elderly citizens.”

    The jury found Gregory guilty of five counts of Theft At-Risk Adult (F3); seven counts of Theft (F3); and one count of Theft (F5). He was sentenced concurrently on all counts for a total of eight years in prison.

    Pam Russell
    Public Information

    August 24, 2017

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    Last Updated: 8-24-2017
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