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    Consumer Warning about Storm Damage Repair

    First Judicial District Attorney Pete Weir is advising homeowners to use caution as they begin making decisions about home repair projects following recent destructive spring storms. Regardless of the urgency consumers feel to get started with repairs, it is best not to enter into a contract or agreement lightly.

    If someone comes to the door offering home repair services, consumers should request that they leave information for them to consider. “Consumers should not feel rushed or pressured,” said Weir, “If they do then it’s a good time to end the conversation.” The consumer is in charge and should not be fooled by an offer or a “deal” that is only good today or this week. The District Attorney’s website provides a comprehensive list of tips to help consumers make informed decisions and protect themselves from becoming a crime victim, as well as a victim of mother nature’s spring storms.

    In the wake of weather disasters, unsuspecting consumers are easy targets for less-than reputable contractors or professional scammers. “Storm Chasers” or “Travelers” go door-to-door offering “deals” on home improvement services. After paying for their services, consumers may be stuck with subpar work, partial performance or waiting for repairs that may never occur because the contractor skipped town and may have little legal recourse. These groups often offer lower prices that may be hard to resist.

    “Taking the time you need to do your homework so that you can make an informed decision, before you enter into a contract is the best way to protect yourself from becoming the victim of fraud,” said Weir, “Keep in mind that if the offer looks too good to be true, it probably is.”

    For additional information contact the First Judicial District Attorney’s Fraud Hotline 303-271-6980 or Consumer Fraud Unit, 303-271-6931; or your local law enforcement agency.



    District Attorney’s Tips for Consumers


    Federal Trade Commission:


    Better Business Bureau

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    (303) 758-2100


    Colorado Attorney General

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    1300 Broadway, 10th Floor

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    Pam Russell
    DA Public Information

    May 9, 2017

    Last Updated: 5-9-2017
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