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    Habitual Criminal Kirk Boyd Sentenced to 32 Years in Prison

    Kirk Len Boyd, DOB: 10-20-78, was sentenced to 32 years in prison for a series of crimes committed in the metro Denver area between October 2 and November 12, 2015. Boyd was sentenced on August 24, having pled guilty in four felony cases on July 11, 2017.

    During his five-week long, meth-driven crime spree, Boyd committed three residential burglaries, stole three vehicles, and shot a man. All three stolen vehicles were “puffers”, sitting outside a house, running, with keys in the ignition. There were eight named victims and twelve law enforcement agencies involved.

    On October 2, Boyd began his crime spree when he stole a Lincoln Navigator, a puffer car, in Westminster. He used credit cards found in the car and then used the car to commit a residential burglary in Arvada. Over the next weeks he continued this pattern, using items stolen from one crime in the next crime. On November 7, while at his home in Arvada, he got into an argument with his roommate and shot him. Five days later he stole another “puffer” car. Now wanted for attempted murder, the manhunt for Boyd began. It crossed into several jurisdictions and resulted in at least one additional felony conviction.

    Boyd is affiliated with the 211 Crew and some of his crimes were done in conjunction with other gang members. Many of the items stolen from vehicles or burglaries were moved by his gang associates.

    “The Arvada Police Department took the lead role in this massive investigation,” said DA Pete Weir, “They did an outstanding job coordinating with agencies in other jurisdictions to arrest Mr. Boyd and build a strong case.” This complicated investigation had six crime scenes and thousands of pieces of evidence.

    Boyd has a lengthy criminal history, including five prior felony convictions for offenses prior to this crime spree.

    Pam Russell
    Public Information

    August 29, 2017

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