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    The Jefferson County Drug Recovery Court promotes safe communities and offender rehabilitation through judicial accountability, application of best practices in treatment, and enhanced supervision. Offenders are treated with respect, but are held accountable for their actions, allowing the opportunity to recover from chemical dependence and to live life fully as productive, law-abiding citizens.

    Drug courts, and other specialty courts modeled after the same concept, have proven to be a successful strategy to stop the “revolving door” of justice, addressing the underlying factors which often lead people into a life of crime. The drug court approach is based on an evidence-based behavioral model, which shapes behavior by the use of sanctions and incentives. The drug court structure includes intensive judicial interaction through weekly status hearings, community-based treatment, frequent drug testing, and full accountability through the graduated application of sanctions and incentives.

    Offenders qualified to participate in the Recovery Court Program must be probation eligible for non-violent, felony offenses. A defendant is not eligible to participate in the program if their crime involved possession or use of a firearm or other dangerous weapon, major drug distribution, crimes of violence, sexual offenses, or illegal status in the country. Offenders must meet clinical diagnostic criteria for substance dependence and be motivated to make permanent changes in their lives.

    The goals of the Drug Recovery Court are to promote safe communities and reduce recidivism through judicial accountability and to rehabilitate non-violent, substance dependent offenders. Additionally, the Drug Recovery Court provides substantial cost savings by not incarcerating these non-violent offenders for extended periods of time.