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  • 911 Cell Phones for Seniors

    A program of the Jefferson and Gilpin counties Triad offering free 911 cell phones to seniors to use in case of an emergency.

    Triad is a three-pronged partnership between prosecutors, law enforcement and the community working together to prevent the victimization seniors. The Triad in the First Judicial District, serving Jefferson and Gilpin counties, was developed for community groups and volunteer senior citizens to come together to develop and implement crime prevention and education programs for older adults. The Cell Phone Project is one of many programs the Triad operates on behalf of older adults.

    Phones that would ordinarily be disposed of are collected by schools, law enforcement agencies, and Triad participants. They are given to the District Attorney's Office who has them reconfigured and set to only make 911 calls. These phones are invaluable to seniors in case of an emergency, such as a fall.

    The phones are available through the District Attorney's Office to anyone who feels they need one. For more information or to obtain an emergency cell phone for a senior, call Cary Johnson at 303-271-6980.

    Donations of used phones can also be made by dropping them off at the District Attorney’s Office

    Last Updated: 5-31-2013