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    Senior Safety is Key

    The First Judicial District Triad was created in March of 2008. The three-pronged partnership serves Jefferson and Gilpin counties and is designed to help prevent the victimization of older adults while providing them with more and better law enforcement services.

    Triad is a partnership between those in the criminal justice system, community groups and volunteer senior citizens. The purpose of a Triad is to develop and implement crime prevention and education programs for older adults.

    “Working together with these dedicated partners we can make a big difference for seniors in our community,” said District Attorney Peter Weir, “Protecting seniors is a priority for my office and it begins with listening to their concerns and fears.”

    A community safety survey was conducted by the Triad steering committee to help determine what seniors consider the greatest threat to their safety. With over 300 surveys returned, those surveyed report that their biggest concern is identity theft. Their second biggest concern is being defrauded by telephone solicitors. The fear of being robbed in person, such as in a purse snatching or mugging, was the third most highly reported concern.

    Ten of the 13 law enforcement agencies in Jefferson and Gilpin counties have signed on as members of the Triad. In addition 25 organizations, mostly non-profit, that provide direct services to our senior population have also made commitments to the Triad. The list of service providers includes, but is not limited to, the Seniors’ Resource Center, North Jeffco Senior Center, Jefferson Center for Mental Health, Jefferson County Council on the Aging, home health care agencies, Jeffco Human Services, etc. Triad will also recruit older adults to serve as a voice for seniors in the partnership.

    For more information call 303-271-6980.

    Last Updated: 4-16-2015