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  • How Victim and Witness Assistance Can Help You


    Being a crime victim and experiencing the court system can be difficult and confusing. Trained Victim and Witness staff can provide you with support, information and referrals.

    The Office of the District Attorney provides this Victim and Witness Assistance Program to help you. The program is staffed with people who genuinely care about you and your involvement in the criminal justice system. Their goal is to help minimize the effect of being a victim or witness to a crime.

    The program can provide you with information about how the court system works and what is happening with your case, and staff can talk with you about the effects of the crime and answer your questions.

    Some of the Victim and Witness Assistance services available include:

    • Crime Victim Compensation Program
    • Restitution Program
    • Victim and Witness Center
    • Information on the status of your case
    • On-Call System: This allows you to stay by a phone rather than wait long periods at the courthouse to testify in jury trials.
    • Call-Off: We attempt to call you as soon as we know an event in your case has been continued or called off.
    • Witness Fee Information
    • Employer Intervention
    • Referral to other services that may help you
    • Transportation and lodging, when necessary
    • Interpretation and special-needs services


    If all efforts to obtain your rights have failed, you may request assistance from the Governor's Victims' Coordinating Committee. For more information, call the Office of Victims' Programs View exit disclaimer policy page for links to third-party websites. at the Division of Criminal Justice 303-239-4442.

    Last Updated: 2-26-2016