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  • About the Jefferson County Elections Division 


    The purpose of the Elections Division is to conduct elections according to state statute in a way that encourages participation and equality by all segments of Jefferson County.

    The Election Division objectives are to:

    • Administer legal, ethical and just elections for the citizens of Jefferson County.
    • Make certain that every eligible citizen has a chance to register to vote.
    • Make certain that every eligible elector has a chance to vote in the election.
    • Provide a safe and legal atmosphere for the counting of the voted election ballots. 


    The Division administers federal, state, and county elections and provides election services and assistance to cities, towns, the R1 School District and special districts in Jefferson County. The Division is also responsible for maintaining the voting information and voter registration files.

    Election Division Administration 

    Contact Information: elections@votejeffco.com or 303-271-8111   Fax 303-271-8197

    Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder
    Faye Griffin

    Interim Director of Elections / Technical Administration 
    Gary VanDeStouwe

    Deputy Director of Elections 
    Cody Swanson

    Mail Ballot Supervisor and UOCAVA Specialist 
    Shawna Weir  

    Last Updated: 6-14-2017