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    County Clerk seeks public input regarding 2012 Primary election

    (Golden) – The Office of the Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder is seeking public comment regarding administrating the 2012 Primary Election as an all mail ballot election. The public comment period will run from Jan. 17 - 30, 2012 and will precede a public hearing before the Board of County Commissioners on the topic, scheduled for Jan. 31.

    The 2010 Primary Election was the first primary conducted by mail ballot in Jefferson County. That election saw a record-breaking turnout and cost the taxpayers of Jefferson County more than half a million dollars less than the previous polling place 2008 Primary Election.

    In the 2008 Primary Election, 94 percent of Jefferson County voters who participated in the election chose to vote by mail, with less than six percent electing to visit a polling place on Election Day.

    Although public preference is historically strongly in favor of voting by mail-in ballot, the Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder’s Office is seeking input from citizens regarding whether or not they would like to continue conducting primary elections by mail ballot in 2012.

    “What we learned with the 2010 Primary Mail Ballot Election was that the system of delivering ballots directly to the voters by mail had a positive impact on voter turnout and significantly reduced taxpayer expense operating the election,” said Clerk and Recorder Pam Anderson. “However, we feel it is extremely important to hear from the voters about how they want their elections conducted,” added Anderson.

    Comments in favor or opposed to a mail-in ballot primary may be submitted by email to CountyClerk@jeffco.us, by phone at (303) 271-8111, or by delivering written comments to the Clerk and Recorder’s Office at 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Suite 2560 Golden, CO 80419.

    Pam Anderson
    Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder

    January 11, 2012

    Last Updated: 6-3-2013