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    General Election ballots are in the mail

    (Golden) – Over 260,000 registered Jeffco voters will receive their mail-in election ballots in the next several days, according to Jefferson County Clerk & Recorder Pam Anderson. Ballots are being delivered to the United States Postal Service this week for Jefferson County voters and should begin arriving in voters’ mailboxes tomorrow.

    “We continue to see a high demand from voters who want to have a paper ballot delivered to them by mail,” said Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder Pam Anderson. “It has been our goal to get those ballots to them as soon as possible, so we are pleased that we were able to drop off the bulk of our mail-in ballots this week,” she added.

    In what has become a growing trend statewide, an increasing number of voters are signing up as Permanent Mail-In Voters (PMIV). Jefferson County has the highest population of Permanent Mail-In Voters in the state, with 80% of active Jeffco voters opting to have their ballots mailed to them. Statewide, 70% of Colorado voters have signed up for PMIV status. That number continues to increase.

    “Most of the new voter registrations we’ve received this year are also being used by people to sign up to be Permanent Mail-In Voters,” said Anderson. “Voters are realizing that voting by mail is a secure and convenient way to have their voices heard in an election so the popularity of this option continues to grow.”

    Voters can apply for a mail-in ballot to be delivered to their home until October 30th.

    To make it easy to prepare for your voting experience, go to VoteJeffco.com where you can access:

     Voter registration information
     Sample ballots, candidate web pages and Blue Book information
     Polling place, ballot drop off and early voting locations
     Mail ballot tracking information

    For more information about obtaining a mail-in ballot, or tracking the status of your mail-in ballot, please VoteJeffco.com.

    Pam Anderson
    Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder

    October 15, 2012

    Last Updated: 6-5-2013