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     Jefferson County School Board Recall Election  

    Top Trending FAQs for School Board Recall Elections

    • I’m not happy with the recall statements on the ballot - Why is there so much verbage for the recall question?
      We are required by state statute (C.R.S. 1-12-112) to place the statement of grounds from the recall petition as well as the incumbent’s statement of justification on the ballot. Per state statute, these statements were printed as submitted.


    • Which district do I vote?  Which district am I in?
      All voters will vote for all three recall questions. Additional information about Jefferson County school board member districts and a full school board district map can be found on the Jefferson County Public Schools' websiteYou are now leaving the jeffco.us website to an external site


    • If I vote no on the recall question, can I/should I vote for a successor?
      Yes. If the recall passes, this would be your opportunity to vote for a successor. If the recall fails, the school board member that was sought to be recalled will remain in office for the remainder of their term.


    See the Elections Frequently Asked Questions page for more FAQs about elections and the school board election specifically >> 

    The information on this page was prepared to serve the electors of Jefferson County as a guide concerning the recall election process. The material provided here generally describes the procedures required, as a courtesy and convenience for citizens. It is not meant to be a substitute for the laws and rules governing this topic, or the advice of legal counsel. Also, be advised that legal provisions are subject to amendment from time to time and the most recent versions should be consulted.


    Please note that the information provided here is neither exclusive nor all-inclusive. It is the sole and entire responsibility of the persons seeking to initiate a recall election to comply with any and all applicable state and local laws, statutes, ordinances, rules and policies in order to place an initiated ordinance on the ballot.


    More Information on Recall Elections

    • There is a training guide for petition entity representatives and circulators on the Secretary of State’s web-site that we recommend you review: Secretary of State's Circulation of Initiative Petitions  
    • See our documents (below) for sample petitions, information packets and frequently asked questions.



    While some of the instruction applies to state-wide circulators, there is beneficial information for any petition effort that is applicable under local government statute.

    If you have questions about the process, please contact the Elections Division of the Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder’s Office at 303-271-8111 or elections@votejeffco.com.



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