• Courts and Legal Information for Jefferson County



    The Colorado State Judicial Branch operates, and is responsible for, all Jefferson County court functions. Please contact the courts for any documents or other needs related to those court functions. See the Courts webpage for details.


    Legal Notices

    Colorado State Statutes require county governments to publish certain meeting notices, announcements and documents in a newspaper of general circulation. The current “official newspaper” for Jefferson County, selected by competitive bid, is the High Timber Times, published by Evergreen Newspapers. The Golden Transcript, published by the Mile High Newspapers is also designated a "legal" newspaper for publishing certain notices.

    The statutes specify requirements for publishing different types of legal notices. Some must be published in the county’s “official” newspaper, some may be published in other publications and still others only require “posting,” which means that a notice must be placed in a designated place for a specific amount of time. For example, the official location for posting meetings of the Board of County Commissioners is a designated bulletin board outside Hearing Room One at the Jefferson County Administration and Courts Facility.

    This web page contains copies of many of legal and posted notices for Jefferson County. While it is not intended to be an exhaustive compilation of all legal notices published by the county, it is our intent to continue to add additional notices in the future.


  • Planning and Zoning

    • 15-120467RZ - Pennington Acres asset icon

      NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS FOR REZONING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Planning Commission of the County of Jefferson, State of Colorado, will hold a public hearing on a proposed rezoning of certain property within Jefferson County, Colorado, in Hearing Room 1 at 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, Colorado, on May 2

      To rezone from Agricultural-Two to Planned Development to allow the subdivision of the property into five lots for single-family detached units.

      Case Manager:  Christiana Farrell   (cfarrell@jeffco.us)   303-271-8740


    • 16-105311RZ - Emmaus Catholic Retreat and Conference Center asset icon
      Rezone from Agriculture-Two to Planned Development to allow a religious retreat and conference center and A-2 uses.

      Staff: Justin Montgomery (jmontgom@jeffco.us)     303-271-8792
    • 16-108726AM Regulation Amendments asset icon
      • Allowing for the keeping of ducks as an Accessory Use on certain residential properties.
      • Restricting the combined number of chickens and ducks allowed on a residential property.
      • Clarification of when the keeping of chickens and ducks is governed by Section 5 or by the underlying zoning district.


      Case Manager:  Elyse Dinnocenzo  (edinnoce@jeffco.us)  303-271-8732

    • 16-111905RZ - First Feather Day Spa ODP Amendment 1 asset icon

      To rezone from Planned Development to Planned Development to allow Restricted Commercial and Single-Family Residential Uses.

      Staff:  Elyse Dinnocenzo   (edinnoce@jeffco.us)  303-271-8732

    • 16-116847SV - Aspen Park Metropolitan District Material Modification asset icon

      The purpose of the hearing shall be to consider the adequacy of the Service Plan Material Modification and to form a basis for adopting a
      resolution approving, conditionally approving, or disapproving the Service Plan Amendment.

      Staff:  Christiana Farrell   (cfarrell@jeffco.us)  303-271-8740