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    Karin Stewart

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    Aging Well Project GraphicAging Well in Jefferson County is a strategic planning project focused on what Jefferson County needs to do to prepare for the “silver tsunami” of seniors in the next 20 years. This program was initiated because the number of people 60 years and older will double in the next 20 years in the state of Colorado - same is true for Jefferson County.

    The Leadership Committee, formed in August, 2008, is comprised of professionals from all areas of senior issues including: housing, legal, food security, transportation, planning and zoning, law enforcement, care giving, health and mental health, libraries, emergency preparedness, and citizens. 

    The committee addresses many issues including the shortage of affordable housing and other services. The aging of baby boomers (those born 1946 to 1964) will only make the shortages more severe, and funding for all services has not kept pace with needs. 


    To develop and implement strategies creating inclusive, livable communities through sustainable partnerships and integrated services.


    Jefferson County: A thriving community for aging well.