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  • Apply for Child Support Services


    How to Apply

    There are several ways to apply for child support services through Jefferson County:

    • Online: Apply online through the Colorado Division of Child Support. External Link Icon You may submit the application online, or print a copy and mail it to us. Submitting an application online is recommended.
    • In-Person: If you don't have a computer, you may access the online application at a computer kiosk located in our lobby.
    • By Mail: Call our Customer Service Center at 303-271-4300 to request that an application be mailed to you. Then complete the application and mail or deliver it to our office.


    Additional Needed Documents

    In addition to your completed application, you must provide a copy of each applicable document:

    • Your photo ID
    • Each child’s birth certificate
    • Existing child support order, divorce decree, separation agreement or other order
    • A photograph of the other parent, if available
    • Current Medical Insurance Information for Child(ren)


    Notary services and a copy machine are available at no cost in our office for client records.

    Application Fee

    A $20 non-refundable application fee must be paid to complete the application process. Make a check or money order payable to Jefferson County Department of Human Services. If you have applied for or are receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), this fee may not be required.

    You will receive notice by mail when your application, supporting documents and fee have been received and your case has been initiated.

    Cases in Other States

    If you live in another state, please contact the nearest child support office in your state and complete their application. The other state will establish and enforce an order there or will involve a Colorado county directly if needed.