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    Pretrial Office


  • Pretrial Services

    Pretrial Office

    Pretrial Officers help identify low-risk offenders and secure their release, minimizing the necessity and duration of jail time. Pretrial Officers interview defendants during the booking process to help the courts determine suitability and conditions for their timely release. They also serve protection orders while in court. The 24-hour operation serves courts in Jefferson and Gilpin Counties 365 days per year.

    Pretrial Services

    Pretrial Case Managers conduct intake interviews and supervise defendants released from jail during the pretrial phase of their criminal case. Each defendant is informed of the bond conditions of their release. Violation of such conditions may result in revocation of bond and return to custody.

    An “on call” rotation provides 24-hour monitoring and response for GPS and electronic monitoring violations. Substance abuse testing and treatment, and domestic violence counseling, among other conditions of release, are monitored for compliance and reported to the courts.

    Last Updated: 10-28-2013