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    Born April 1999

    Abigail, "Abby," has many strengths that add to her wonderful character. Abby is a very active young lady. She loves to be outside and doing anything that will keep her busy. She is adventurous and loves to explore. Abby has a caring and bubbly personality, laughing very easily. Abby always tries to see the positive in anyone or any situation, and helps others around her to do the same. Abby can usually get along with anyone. She enjoys meeting new people, but it can take a long while for her to warm up to them.
    Abby does best in a structured environment. She likes to know what the plan is for the day and how that can work for her. Being told “no” is not something she likes very well, and that can be a challenge for her. Abby is a big fan of Bruno Mars and Hello Kitty. She has a creative side to her, really enjoying drawing; and she’s pretty good at it!

    The right family for Abby is one that will take their time to get to know her. Abby’s family will provide her with consistency, along with teaching her to reach beyond her comfort zone. Abby is very loving and will need a family that is nurturing and close. Abby does have some important connections that she would like to maintain. It will be important that her new family allows and supports this.

    For more information or to submit your home study please contact caseworker Kristen Caswell at 303-271-4142.



    Last Updated: 10-15-2014