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    Aurieanna, Isaiah and Savannah

    Isaiah Born April 2000
    Savannah Born February 2002 
    Aurieanna Born March 2003 

    Isaiah loves sports, inlcluding baseball and track, playing video games and hunting with his foster dad and church friends. Isaiah loves a good joke and is outspoken and playful with his peers and sisters. He does initially come off as reserved, but once Isaiah gets to know you he will let his personality shine through. Isaiah is making noticable improvements acadmically and his teachers report that he could be an A student if he focuses a little harder. He responds well to incentives for good grades such as video games, playing sports, etc. Isaiah continues to develop and strengthen his relationships with his teachers and other adults and seems to respond well to his foster dad, who is consistent and direct.

    Savannah has an array of interests, ranging from sports and playing outdoors to drawing and playing her trumpet. She and her sister, Aurieanna, are best of friends and share many of the same neighbor friends and interests. Savannah is open about her feelings and is so eager to find a loving forever family. Savannah is an excellent role model to Aurieanna and will get along with everyone. Savannah has a wonderful poise about her and has great prespective. She is an absolute joy to spend time with and is open and congizant of her feelings and needs. Savannah has also proven, along with her brother and sister, Isaiah and Aurienna, that with stability and attention, they can make significant strides academically.

    Miss Aurieanna is an absolute delight to be around. Aurieanna often goes by Auri. Her disposition is kind, caring and relaxed. She is artistic and loves to draw, color, make bracelets and read. Beyond her crafting, she loves to be outdoors, riding her bike with her sister Savannah and playing with the neighborhood children. Aurieanna is well liked by her teachers and peers and gets along well with her foster family and siblings. Auri continues to make wonderful academic progress and really enjoys school. Her interactions with adults are appropriate and she really can get along with anyone!

    Isaiah (14) and his sisters, Savannah (12) and Aurieanna (11) have a clear bond with one another and will need to find a home that is interested in all three siblings.

    For more information or to submit your home study please contact caseworker Erica Vargus 303-271-4043.

    May 5, 2014





    Last Updated: 6-5-2014