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    Born April 1997

    Dillon is a thoughtful and very inquisitive young man. Dillon has a lot of varied interests, but really enjoys video games and anything computerized. He loves to read and draw, and has incredible imagination. He really enjoys food and loves to help in the kitchen.

    Dillon is very bright and can do great in school when he’s motivated. He is very resourceful and a quick learner, figuring things out extremely fast.

    Dillon has two siblings that he is separated from and he will need a family that will allow contact between these siblings and support these relationships. Dillon also needs a strong, committed, loving family who can provide structure and understand his needs.

    Caseworker: Melissa Decker

    For more information or to submit your home study please contact Beth Owens at 303-271-4038.

    Watch Dillon’s video:

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    Kids Waiting for Adoption - Dillon

    Last Updated: 1-8-2014