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    Born January 1999

    Say hello to a very energetic boy whose creativity and jokes will keep a smile on your face! Building things and being very hands-on is what keeps Donovan happy and busy. He also has a passion for magic cards, video games and telling stories.

    Donovan is a strong-willed kiddo who enjoys sharing his fun personality with his peers. Donovan is in the seventh grade and would appreciate having a great support system to guide him towards achieving his full potential in school.

    Donovan would do well with a family that is patient, understanding that asking questions is what some little boys do. They should have answers or know where to find them. Donovan’s family would be consistent and follow through with promises. Donovan responds well to positive reinforcement and verbal feedback. A family for Donovan wouldn’t mind spending time recognizing his successes and helping to build his self esteem. Donovan does have a younger brother, and it is important that a family is willing to support that.

    For more information or to submit your home study please contact caseworker Nicole Hadley at 303-271-4396.



    Last Updated: 4-15-2014