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    Born April 1999

    Florencio is a happy and active young man. He is athletic and enjoys going on long bike rides. He is interested in all different kinds of sports and recently had the chance to meet one of the Denver Nuggets. He enjoys typical boy activities including video games on his Nintendo DS.

    Florencio interacts well with other children but seems to do better with children that are older than him. Florencio loves animals and would really like an adoptive family that has pets that he can help care for.

    Florencio has a hard time staying on task at school but is making steady progress. He benefits from an Individual Education Plan. Florencio is very polite and enjoys helping around the house. One of his special qualities is resilience and the ability to look forward and not look back.

    The perfect family for Florencio would be one that can support and advocate for his needs and never give up on him. Florencio has three siblings that he would like to maintain a relationship with. It will be important for his new family to support that contact.

    For more information or to submit your home study please contact caseworker Nicole Hadley at 303-271-4396.



    Last Updated: 4-15-2014