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    Born October 2008 

    Meet Jeffrey! He is quite the cutie who loves to be active riding his bike, playing on the playground or really doing anything outside. Activity seems to be good for Jeffrey, although he also loves to play with his cars and enjoys books and quiet time.

    Jeffrey is very bright and resourceful and has the ability to do very well in school, although he sometimes struggles with the structure that the classroom provides. When things are structured and consistent he does very well. It is important that a family is able to see the wonderful side of Jeffrey and can be patient and understanding as he works through the losses he has experienced.

    It will be important for Jeffrey to not only have a very understanding and supportive family, but for him also to be able to be the youngest child in the home. Like so many children who have experienced loss or a disrupted childhood, Jeffrey may need someone who has the acceptance to allow him to re-experience certain aspects of his childhood without judgment. 

    Caseworker: Alena Wasserman

    For more information or to submit your home study please contact Beth Owens at 303-271-4038. 


    January 8, 2014


    Last Updated: 1-13-2014