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    Born July 2005

    Justin is an extremely bright boy. He does exceptionally well in school and really enjoys writing. Justin likes to feel important and really enjoys being a helper. Justin is really interested in arts and crafts, books and puzzles. He likes to play video games and really likes Batman.

    Because of Justin's history, he seems to struggle with figuring out how to get along with peers and is in need of support in this area. Justin relates will with adults and can be affectionate at times with people he trusts.

    Justin does well in school, and has benefited from speech therapy which he receives there.

    Justin needs a family that can provide him with one on one attention and offer the encouragement that he needs. He has said that it is important for him to have a family that celebrates all of the holidays. Justin has an older brother that he would like to maintain a connection with.

    Caseworker: Mary Brown

    For more information or to submit your home study please contact Beth Owens at 303-271-4038.



    Last Updated: 10-15-2013