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    Born January 1999

    Lilly has a sweet personality and captures the hearts of all those who work with her. Lilly loves to be active outside playing sports including basketball and snowboarding. Lilly also enjoys art and gymnastics. She loves spending time with horses and in the past would go riding about once a week. Lilly has a smile and laugh that is infectious. Lilly desires a family who can meet her where she is, and move towards permanency at her pace, and being responsive to her emotional needs. She longs to be accepted by those around her, and sometimes makes the wrong decision in seeking that connection. Lilly continues to have a close relationship with her siblings and other members of her family. Maintaining that contact will be a necessity for her.

    For more information or to submit your home study please contact caseworker Melissa Decker at 303-271-4076.

    December 19, 2013



    Last Updated: 4-15-2014