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    Born December 2001

    Misti is a sweet, imaginative and creative girl. She is friendly and a very talkative young lady. Misti thrives in a setting where she receives positive attention and affirmation. Misti loves music, especially Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, and she also loves to sing and dance.

    Misti enjoys participating in creative activities. She also enjoys spending time outside riding her bike. Misti is very energetic and loves talking with everyone. She is a very engaging child and enjoys interacting with others, but also enjoys her time alone and would like her own bedroom.

    Misti does well around other children, but would do best as the youngest child. Misti will do well with a family who allows her to be herself without judgment and one that appreciates her spunky, active personality.

    For more information or to submit your home study please contact caseworker Nicole Hadley at 303-271-4396.



    Last Updated: 4-15-2014