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  •  Colorado Works TANF


    Colorado’s Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) program, also known as Colorado Works, provides financial assistance, job preparation and work opportunities to needy families with children on a temporary basis, to achieve economic and family stability. The amount of financial aid provided is based on family size and income.

    In addition to monthly financial assistance, you will benefit from the full range of employment, educational and health/wellness services for you and your children.  On top of that, you will work closely with a Career and Family Coordinator to establish goals and make progress on them for your family. We'll help you get started and be there to support you when challenges come your way.   However, this is not a program for standing still. There is a lifetime limit on benefits and monthly progress goals must be achieved to keep receiving financial assistance. 

    TANF recipients may receive benefits for no longer than 60 months. During this 60 month time limit, participants are required to participate in work activities and cooperate with Child Support Services.

    One-time Emergency Funds 

    Not enough money in your emergency fund or no emergency fund at all? We’re here to help you if you are employed and are experiencing a temporary financial crisis. If this describes your situation, you may qualify for emergency cash assistance called a Diversion. While not available for ongoing needs, these funds can help you survive a crisis, such as:

    • Overdue Phone, utilities bills
    • Breakdown of primary transportation
    • Rental or housing assistance

    Application, eligibility interview, and documentation will be required to access these one-time, emergency funds.

    Get Started

    First, apply for TANF Assistance by completing an Application for Assistance View exit disclaimer policy page for links to third-party websites.  

    Once the application is received, an appointment is scheduled for an interview with an Eligibility Specialist to determine eligibility.  The interview can be completed by phone or in person.  At that time, you will be referred to Child Support Services and the Colorado Works orientation, which are required steps to receive the cash benefits. You will need to attend an orientation within 14 days, where you will hear about all the great resources available to you and your family.  This is where we will start talking about your hopes, dreams and goals as well as services and expectations. Orientations are held each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:00 a.m. in the Laramie Building.   Note: On the 4th Week of each month, Orientation is held on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 10:00a.m. in the Laramie Building

    For more information, visit the State of Colorado's Colorado Works webpage. View exit disclaimer policy page for links to 3rd party websites.

    Next Steps/Resources

    At the orientation, you will be introduced to many of the resources that are part of the Colorado Works program. These resources are designed to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself and your family and are available to you as part of your required, monthly participation in the program. Below is a list of some of the resources that other Colorado Works participants have found the most helpful, but there are many, many more!

    Job Skills Workshops 

    Through Jefferson County Human Services, the American Job Center (AJC)  provides quality training, tools and resources to assist individuals in their pathway to employment and personal growth. Whether you are currently unemployed, under-employed or simply looking to change jobs, attending these workshops will help you to become fully prepared to secure and advance your career. Training is free but space is limited. All workshops (except where noted) are held in the Laramie Building located at 3500 Illinois Street, Golden, Colorado. 

    Before you can register for any workshop, however, you must register in Connecting Colorado. Once you have registered in Connecting Colorado, you may sign-up for workshops by creating a separate user identification and password.

    Tuition Assistance

    Education can be the key to better paying jobs and your next career! We know that paying your bills while going to school can be difficult.  We may be able to help with your tuition costs!  Talk to your Career and Family Coordinator about how to access tuition assistance.


    If you have been out of work for a while, job searching but not getting hired, or if you are thinking of changing jobs or careers, an internship could be the answer. These 12-week paid and unpaid training experiences are designed to give you job skills, a new professional reference, and recent work experience for your resume. We have work sites in many occupations at locations all over Jefferson County.

    Medical and Mental Health Support

    Sometimes, medical or mental health concerns that you or your family may have can have a big impact on your ability to find and keep a job. We have a unique, in-house system designed to support the well-being of your family while helping you continue to achieve your goals. Individual and family therapists from Jefferson Center for Mental Health are on-site to provide counselling. When you are ready to return to work, employment specialists will support your job search and help connect you to employers. If, unfortunately, you find that you can no longer work, a Disability Benefits Advisor can assist you in filing a new claim for Social Security.

    Supportive Services

    We know that you are counting every penny to make ends meet for your family, and extra or unexpected expenses can often cause you to delay achieving a goal. We want to you to be successful in your participation in Colorado Works so support is available for transportation, interview or work clothing, getting birth certificates or other documents, earning certifications and/or GED or ESL classes. In some circumstances, support may be available for rental assistance, storage fees, or vehicle repairs. You must be actively participating and meeting program and personal goals to be considered for Supportive Services.

    Child Care

    It is hard to concentrate on your education, job searching, employment and other goals until you know your children are safe and being well cared for. If you need Child Care, Colorado Works participants are eligible for the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP). In this program, you select one of the over 350 child care providers we partner with and CCAP helps to pay the cost while you are participating in the program by taking classes, looking for a job, volunteering to gain job skills, or working.  Be sure to let us know when you start a new job!  We can help with transportation costs for the first month.


    Important Forms

    Below are some commonly used forms that your Career and Family Coordinator (CFC) may ask for you to turn in. If you have any questions, please reach out to your CFC for help. We want to spend your time improving yourself, not struggling with forms.   Below are some commonly used forms that your Career and Family Coordinator (CFC) may ask for you to turn in. If you have any questions, please reach out to your CFC for help. We want to spend your time improving yourself, not struggling with forms.   

    Employment Verification

    Timesheet for Working/General

    Timesheet for Volunteering

    Timesheet for Education 

    Timesheet for Holds 

    Job Search Logs 

    Child Care Search Logs 

    Housing Search Logs

    Supportive Service Request

    Education Packet

    Self-Employment Ledger










    Last Updated: 7-26-2017