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    Colorado Employment First increases employment for food assistance participants through support, referrals, accountability and community work.

    Employment First is a federally-mandated program designed to ensure that all able-bodied food assistance participants are engaged in activities that will improve their employability. The program is administered by the Colorado Department of Human Services and currently operates in 45 Colorado counties.

    All individuals who apply for food assistance in Colorado and do not meet federal exemption criteria must participate in Employment First activities. These activities include:

    • Workfare
    • Adult basic education
    • GED preparation
    • Literacy
    • College
    • Vocational training
    • Vocational rehabilitation
    • Job search classes
    • Part-time work

    As a result of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunities Act of 1996, participants who are identified as "able-bodied adults without dependents" must complete 20 hours each week in order to receive more than three months of food assistance in a 36-month.

    Employment First in Jefferson County is not a program of Jefferson County Workforce Center. If you have an active case and need more information contact your case manager, or call 303-271-4006.

    Last Updated: 4-12-2013