• Creative Curriculum of Head Start


    Jefferson County Head Start implements the Creative Curriculum for preschool. The organizational structure of the curriculum is presented in five components.

    How Children Develop and Learn

    Teachers teach to the whole child in four essential areas of development - social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development, while keeping in mind the unique qualities of each child. Use of the Developmental Continuum helps teachers observe and track their development and progress in relation to the curriculum objective.

    The Learning Environment

    Not only does this focus on how teachers set up and maintain interest areas in the classroom, but also how schedules and routines are established, how group times are organized, and the creation of a supportive and caring classroom community to meet the varying needs of all the students.

    What Children Learn

    Creative Curriculum focuses on six core content areas - literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts, and technology. Process skills are emphasized across the curriculum including observing and exploring, connecting prior experiences to new learning, problem solving, organizing new information and communicating and representing their learning a variety of ways.

    The Teacher's Role

    Teachers make careful observations of children and use those observations to guide learning with appropriate classroom materials and a variety of planned activities. Teachers continually assess in order to plan future activities and extend learning.

    The Family's Role

    Creative Curriculum puts emphasis on building a partnership with families. Teachers make an effort to get to know the parents through regular communication and welcoming them into the classroom, striving to meet the ultimate goal of working together on children's learning and through challenging situations.

    The curriculum allows teachers to focus on each child's individual developmental needs through a variety of teacher-and-child-initiated activities. Children are given the opportunity to make decisions about their learning with gentle guidance, allowing them to maintain their intrinsic desire to learn and grow.

    The skills and knowledge children learn create positive results that they will carry with them throughout their school career.

    Last Updated: 7-9-2013