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    Jeffco Prosperity Project Featured in New Report on Helping Families Out of Poverty

    The Jeffco Prosperity Project was recently praised and featured in a report published by a nonprofit research and advocacy group, the Bell Policy Center, as a program that shows great results in the two-generation strategy aimed at moving the entire family out of poverty and into economic stability.

    Bell Policy Center conducted interviews with key informants and identified areas where good links currently exist between education programs for parents and early childhood education for their children. For the Jeffco Prosperity Project, the report stated:
    “The Jeffco Prosperity Project is a specific program through the Jefferson County Human Services Department that links 50 families with children in Head Start to wraparound services, including workforce development, adult education and postsecondary education services. The services are based on goals developed by the families and the needs they identified. The families take a leadership role in directing this program.”

    In recent years, a number of innovative strategies to help low- to moderate-income families escape poverty and get ahead economically have been developed using a two-generation approach. Two-generation approaches serve children and adults simultaneously, helping move the entire family out of poverty.

    The Bell Policy Center research focused on a specific type of two-generation approach – one that intentionally links adult education, job training, workforce development and post secondary education for low-income parents with early childhood education for their children. This approach emphasizes long-term investments to build human and social capital for both children and adults.

    To see more on the research and to read the full report, see the Bound to Succeed website.

    October 26, 2016

    Last Updated: 10-26-2016