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    Jefferson County Finalizing 24 Adoptions on National Adoption Day 2016

    On Saturday, November 19th, Jefferson County will celebrate National Adoption Day by finalizing adoptions of an extraordinary 24 children into 18 families. The adoptions will take place at the Jefferson County Courthouse, 100 Jefferson County Parkway in Golden starting at 9am. Come help celebrate and learn more about the positive impact adoption has on our community.

    In Jefferson County and around the country, National Adoption Day (the third Saturday in November) is a great example of the child welfare system working collaboratively on behalf of children to find permanent, loving, and safe homes for children in foster care. Court rooms fill with emotion as parents commit to love and care for a child and make their family whole. District Court Judges Ann Gail Meinster, Margie Enquist, and Magistrate Alabiso will preside over the adoptions while children and parents hug tightly, thankful that they have found their forever family. Prior to the adoptions, a celebration will take place.

    "National Adoption Day is a community event that celebrates the lives that are being changed for the better, of both children and families, who have found their forever family. Do not miss an opportunity to be a part of this event that will capture your heart," states Mary Berg, Deputy Director of Jefferson County Department of Human Services.

    Jefferson County Department of Human Services works with families interested in adoption or foster care throughout the year, and while adoptions are finalized all year-long, National Adoption Day is an opportunity for families to rejoice. Human Services finalizes adoptions for approximately 70-100 children in any given year, and National Adoption Day celebrates all of these families for providing a permanent, stable, loving home for children who would otherwise still be waiting in foster care. It's also a time to bring attention to the over 100,000 children and youth in foster care throughout the United States waiting for adoptive families. While National Adoption Day is a wonderful celebration, more children wait for their special families. Families interested in more information on foster care and adoption may call 303-636-1543 or visit Jefferson County's Foster Care and Adoption website at http://www.collaborativefostercare.com.   

    For more information on National Adoption Day visit http://www.nationaladoptionday.org/.

    Mallory Hyatt
    Public Engagement Coordinator

    November 14, 2016

    Last Updated: 11-14-2016