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    There is a seldom told story about welfare fraud. Decades of headlines and reports about people that commit welfare fraud and their outcomes – ranging from a loss of benefits to jail terms – tell only part of the story of fraud, its origins and why as a percentage of all welfare, fraud is so low. It is time to tell the positive side of the story.

    Jefferson County Human Services’ Fraud Investigations Team had a record year for investigating and proving cases of fraud in 2016. The Investigations Unit detected more than $1M in fraud - a 98% increase in detected overpayments from the previous year.

    The increase is due to the team's diligence and tools used to find fraud.

    An anonymous tip, usually a phone call, is a common example of a potential welfare fraud allegation. An investigator gathers evidence and collects other pertinent information to prove with clear and compelling evidence that fraud exists. These are time intensive investigations, and may include areas such as financial and social evidence as well as site visits by an investigator. Once enough evidence is gathered, the investigator creates a case file, tags all of the exhibits, and provides a written summary explaining their evidence. Then, if possible, options are provided to the person(s) under investigation.

    Of 326 reported potential cases of fraud, investigators found 156 cases to be fraudulent. Countless hours of investigation by this dedicated team helps ensure benefits are distributed to people in need. Our local community benefits due to this team’s commitment to fighting and reducing cases of welfare fraud.

    Welfare fraud is the intentional misrepresentation or deception by a person to receive benefits, with awareness that they are not eligible. Some forms of fraud include incorrectly reporting household members, providing false or misleading documents, receiving benefits in multiple states, and improperly reporting income.

    Welfare fraud creates a burden to taxpayers due to increased cost of programs. By examining potential cases of welfare fraud, the Investigations Unit helps increase public confidence in the administration of welfare funds and establishes that the clients are truly benefit-eligible.

    Welfare fraud is a crime and should be reported. All reporting parties can remain anonymous. To report suspected welfare fraud, call the Jefferson County Welfare Fraud Hotline at 303-271-4287 or email stjones@jeffco.us. The State of Colorado Welfare Fraud Hotline is 1-877-934-6361.

    March 29, 2017

    Last Updated: 3-29-2017