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    Human Services Extended Hours of Operation

    If you have ever scheduled a doctor or dentist appointment, you know the struggle of fitting these vital visits into your calendar. Most practitioners hold normal business hours, closing at 5:00pm, and are closed on weekends. Many people are unable to change work schedules to visit a doctor or dentist. In many cases, the choice is between keeping a job and visiting a doctor. The same is true for seeking support or applying for food assistance.

    Jefferson County Human Services is doing something about this dilemma by offering extended hours of operation through our Laramie Building in Golden. The goal is to increase the availability and accessibility of wraparound services to better serve customers.

    Since October 2015, Jefferson County Human Services has offered extended hours of operation, providing customers with select services every Tuesday evening until 8:00pm; extending hours from the regular closing time of 4:00pm. In the past year, more than 900 customers have utilized the extended hours.

    Services available during extended hours include:
    • Job seeker workshops including career planning, employment counseling, budget analysis, job search, resume writing, and interviewing
    • Child Care Assistance Program services
    • Eligibility specialist services including food, cash, and medical benefits
    • Other services may be available based on customer need, demand, and available resources.

    Many customers served by Jefferson County Human Services work full time jobs and are unable to travel to the Human Services offices during regular hours of operation. Increasing accessibility and helping working customers meet the needs of their families is the key reason for the change. To help achieve this goal, Colorado Department of Human Services awarded Employment Focused Funds to Jefferson County Human Services to expand and improve services for unemployed and underemployed customers.

    Human Services established the extended hours services to include a variety of programs with customers' needs in mind. The service will continue because we know how tough it can be to get ahead and are here to help.

    Mallory Hyatt
    Public Engagement Coordinator

    December 28, 2016

    Last Updated: 12-28-2016