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  • About Jefferson County Mediation Services

    Who is Jeffco Mediation Services?

    Jefferson County Mediation Services (JCMS) has served the citizens of Jefferson County for more than 20 years and has handled more than 20,000 cases. Our highly motivated mediators all come to JCMS trained in mediation and have varied professional backgrounds, including communication, education, environmental sciences, health, human resources, law, counseling and business. 

    Visit the Documents page to download our Program Reports.

    What Participants Say about Jefferson County Mediation Services

    “The mediator helped us find solutions we hadn’t thought of.”

    “Your staff was very concerned, very pleasant and professional.”

    “It was outstanding.  This is a great service.”

    “To my pleasant surprise, I found out your department was no rubber-stamp or facade agency.”

    “It helped get old issues off my back.”

    “Mediation provided a more convenient option than going through court proceedings – saved taxpayers and parties involved time and money.”

    “It was above my expectations.”

    “I was wrong to assume that there was no solution…there is a solution, and that is communication.”

    “It was a good experience.  I’m glad I participated.”

    “This is cool!  The efficiency and effectiveness were amazing.”

    “Thank goodness we had this or we’d still be fighting over everything!”


    JCMS Produces Cost-Savings for the County

    JCMS saves county resources in three key ways:

    • County personnel (e.g., Animal Control officers or Sheriff's deputies) avoid repeated trips to a particular address when parties reach a long-term solution.
    • The District Attorney's office and courts save costs when neighbors' disputes are mediated and resolved prior to a trial date.
    • JCMS saves the cost of lowered productivity and turnover caused by co-workers in conflict.