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    • 06/19/2017Restorative-Focused Mediation in Schools
      By Rachel Johnson. The school year has come to an end. The tension leading up to the last day before Summer break has led to relief. School staff, students and parents can relax. But another school year, and the anxieties many were eager to leave behind for Summer, will return. If you feel overwhelmed at the thought, read on to discover what JCMS is doing to reduce school-related concerns.
    • 06/01/2017Are the Neighborhood Kids Running Amok This Summer?
      By JCMS Staff. Are the children, or neighbors, still setting off fireworks? Are bicycles and other toys strung across your lawn? Are the neighbor kids trampling your garden and causing other property damages? Are the kids’ activities in the streets impeding traffic? Are you worried that the children are damaging property? Are the children in danger of being hurt this summer? Do you feel that there is nothing you can do to address these dangers and annoyances? Wouldn’t you rather be enjoying your summer? Jefferson County Mediation Services can help!
    • 05/15/2017Expecting Family Fireworks this Memorial Day?
      By Helena Jo Goldstein.  Tired of arguing about the same old thing at every family gathering? Where does the argument go in your family - Healthcare? Immigration? Fracking? Wherever it goes, you've heard it all before, and so has everyone else in the family. Below are fun suggested topics for family discussion and a chance to get to know each other better.
    • 05/01/2017Is Your Neighborhood Unsafe for Children This Summer?
      By JCMS Staff. Are people speeding through your neighborhood without concern for the children playing in the streets? Are neighbors blaring inappropriate music where kids can hear? Are you worried about the safety of dogs, joggers, pedestrians, children? Are you worried about the activities happening in the dim light of dusk this summer? What can you do? Do you feel that there is nothing you can do to address the neighborhood safety concerns? Wouldn’t you rather be enjoying your summer? Jefferson County Mediation Services can help!
    • 04/12/2017Mediation is Finding Common Ground
      By Mary E. Gardner, JCMS Volunteer Mediator. Laura and Bill (not their real names) came to mediation to resolve a dispute regarding back rent and a broken lease. Bill needed a room to rent while attending school. He was anxious to find an affordable place near his college. Laura had a room open in her house and Bill was excited to find something in the right location. Prior to this his commute had been quite long and tiring. He was happy to have a private bath and a shared kitchen. The terms of the lease were written in a contract which both parties reviewed together. Bill believed he had found the right situation for himself and Laura now had all her rooms filled. However after a while Bill no longer liked the living conditions and wanted to break the lease.
    • 04/03/2017Are You Unsure About the Legal Use of Your Easement?
      By JCMS Staff. Are people parking in your right of way and impeding your access? Is your neighbor controlling access to your property? Who is responsible for road maintenance? Is your neighbor’s fence or gate restricting access to the easement? Are people speeding down your access road? Does the right of way need to be repaved or repaired? What can you do? You and emergency vehicles need to have safe access to your property.
    • 03/01/2017Are Your Children Experiencing Problems at School?
      By JCMS Staff. Principals worry that we are losing our children. Parents think teachers are favoring other kids. Teachers are overloaded, and school administrators may not see eye-to-eye with teachers. We handle cases involving conflicts between students, teachers, parents, administrators and other school staff. We can help children and ease the burden on schools. Our results are impressive: when parties come to the mediation table, they usually resolve their differences. Our experienced school mediators are trained in family and school issues, and they enjoy working on these cases. They love to see children succeed, and they have the skills, talent and time to help people solve problems among themselves. It is in everyone’s interest to help schools do their job well and to relieve them of problems they are not equipped to handle. We Can Help with School Problems.
    • 02/01/2017Is All of This Rain Causing You Problems?
      By JCMS Staff. Are you unsure about how to deal with all the water draining from your neighbor’s property? Are ditches, berms, landscaping or new construction causing water issues? Are there issues with water flowing across your property? What do you do about water damage? Who is responsible for maintaining drainage control systems? Has your yard become a swamp? What can you do? Your property needs to be protected from water!
    • 01/31/2017End of Life Wishes and Estate Disputes
      By Helena Jo Goldstein. Does any of this sound familiar? Your siblings insist that they don’t want strangers taking care of Mom, yet they aren’t willing to visit, let alone help out. You can’t help thinking that they don’t want Mom to have outside care, because outside care is expensive, and will quickly eat up their expected inheritance. Consider mediation.
    • 01/12/2017Conflict Resolution in the Healthcare Workplace
      By Helena Jo Goldstein. Healthcare organizations have been slow to explore the use of mediation to manage conflict. Yet many areas in the healthcare business would benefit from this approach to conflict resolution. Workplace disputes can be enormously expensive. Using a neutral facilitator (a mediator) who helps the people involved to discuss the situation and develop thoughtful, self-crafted solutions saves time and money. Consider mediation.
    • 01/09/2017Thoughts about My Volunteer Experience at JCMS
      By Mary E. Gardner, JCMS Volunteer Mediator. I’ve been volunteering my time with the Jefferson County Small Claims court for 2 ½ years. I’ve seen many more successes than failures. When a person starts talking and listening to the other party, they often experience a certain “aha” moment, and realize that the other person might be seeing the same situation differently. They can then negotiate, and sometimes both parties end up feeling great about the outcome. Other times they come to an agreement that may not be exactly what they wanted, but it’s better than ending up with nothing. I’ve seen both parties willing to compromise because they simply want to put the experience behind them.
    • 01/02/2017Are You Tired of Playing Referee Every Day as a Section 8 Housing Manager?
      By JMS Staff. Are tenant disagreements draining your energy and time? Are you having a difficult time with residents following property rules? Do your tenants call the police instead of talking to you? Are neighbors complaining about noises, smells or other personal issues? Do you feel that your only option is to have your tenants call the police? What can you do? Wouldn’t you rather be working on maintenance and other important issues of your job rather than dealing with the arguments of your tenants?
    • 11/01/2016Are Your Residents at Senior Living Not Getting Along?
      By JCMS Staff. Are you tired of playing referee everyday as a senior living manager? Are resident disagreements draining your energy and time? Are you having a difficult time with residents following property rules? What can you do? Wouldn’t you rather be working on maintenance and other important issues of your job rather than dealing with the arguments of your tenants?
    • 10/03/2016Landlord Won't Fix Your Rental?
      By JCMS Staff. Are your living conditions unbearable? The ceiling is leaking and the drywall is sagging. You wake up with bedbug bites all over you. There’s black mold in your bathroom and it stinks. You’re afraid for the safety and health of your family. what can you do? You NEED to have a safe and healthy place to live, to sleep and to cook – a place where you can relax and feel comfortable. You deserve to have reasonable living conditions, and we are here to help.
    • 09/18/2016Barking Dogs Are Driving Me Crazy!
      By JCMS Staff. Is Your Peace And Quiet Shattered By: Dogs Barking All Day, Dogs Howling Into The Night, The Odor Is Overwhelming, You Are Actually Scared To Leave Your Home. What can you do? You deserve quiet enjoyment of your property, and we are here to help.
    • 09/01/2016Our Amazing Mediators
      By Brian Beck. Can you imagine finding someone who is willing to sit down and listen to people argue, and then try to help them find a solution to their conflict – for free? At the heart of the success of Jefferson County Mediation Services (JCMS) are the mediation professionals who donate their time and energy to the program on an ongoing basis. Although we started with just 20 mediators when the program began in 1994, we have about 240 today. In 2015, they gave a total of 4,804 hours to Jefferson County – an average of 3.23 hours per case.
    • 08/16/2016Contractor Took My Money and Ran
      By Julie Carter. At JCMS, we’ve heard nightmare stories about home-improvement projects. Maybe your contractor took your payment, didn’t do the work, and now keeps giving you excuses about why the work hasn’t started. Maybe he won’t answer or return your calls at all. Perhaps this has been going on for weeks. You might have thought about suing in Small Claims court, but first, maybe it’s a good time to try mediation. You don’t need technical or legal knowledge, and you don’t have to get a lawyer. Consider mediation.
    • 08/10/2016Are Your Neighbors' Outdoor Parties Too Loud?
      By Julie Carter. It seems like my neighbors have big parties every weekend and it can go on until 2:00 in the morning! They blast their stereo and drink beer until all hours and have I have to work the next day! Consider mediation before the situation escalates.
    • 08/01/2016My Neighbors are Complaining about My Parties
      By Julie Carter.  At JCMS, we frequently hear people saying things such as: I like to have parties on the weekend, and I don’t think it’s that loud, but my neighbors call the cops on me! Yes, I have hot tub parties, and some people may be nude, but if the neighbors don’t want to see that, they don’t have to look! It’s not like my parties are any different from anyone else’s! Why are they picking on me?   Many folks have outside parties now and then, but when does it become intolerable for the people nearby? How do I keep from upsetting my neighbors? If you cannot work it out with your neighbors, consider mediation.
    • 07/05/2016Neighbor's Trees Invading Your Turf?
      By Julie Carter. If you are comfortable doing so, you can talk (politely and respectfully) to your neighbor. Maybe he/she isn’t aware that the trees or bushes are causing a problem. Some people may be very protective of their trees and shrubs. If your neighbor takes offense at what you say, back off – don’t escalate the situation. You can write a polite letter explaining why you want the plantings trimmed, and invite your neighbor to have some say in how this will be done. If the response is negative, consider trying mediation. Wherever you live in Jeffco, mediation can help.
    • 06/21/2016My Neighbor's Yard is an Eyesore!

      By Julie Carter.  She has weeds growing three feet high - it makes the whole neighborhood look trashy, and the weeds spread into my yard! He has two junk cars rusting in the yard, but he says they are “classics” he’s going to restore. They have broken toys and garbage all over the place, and they never clean it up. I think there are rats over there! These are some of the most common neighbor complaints JCMS hears. If you take the time to keep your home looking nice, it can be upsetting to have a neighbor who doesn’t. Consider mediation.

    • 04/04/2016Too Much Noise To Enjoy Spring?
      By JCMS Staff. Did you open your window today only to hear: Power tools buzzing and grinding at 7am, Dogs are barking ALL THE TIME, Engines revving day and night, Kids Screaming and Screeching? What can you do? You know you MUST get more sleep, get more work done around your house, and you would just like to enjoy your Spring with a little peace and quiet. You deserve quiet enjoyment of your property, and we are here to help.