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  • Situations for Mediation

    Almost any kind of disagreement can be mediated. Mediation can be used when there is a single difficult issue, multiple issues, a long-standing conflict or a conflict that cannot be avoided because of a continuing relationship between or among those involved. A few of the issues that have come to our office include the following:

    Animal Issues

    Barking dogs, dogs roaming loose, dogs chasing wildlife, dog feces, crowing roosters, squealing pigs, noisy chickens, wandering llamas

    Consumer Complaints

    Incomplete or faulty work on cars, roofs, air conditioners, hot water heaters, unfinished remodeling projects, billing errors

    Divorce and Post-Divorce Issues

    Disagreements about parenting time, child support, babysitters, schools, grandparent visitation, religious instructions

    Family Problems

    Aging parents, substance abuse, parent-teen conflict

    Landlord-Tenant Disputes

    Unpaid rent, security deposits, damage to property, broken leases, evictions

    Neighbor-Neighbor Issues

    Noise from stereos, motorcycles, children, overhanging trees, damage to fences and trees, property line issues, trash, yard maintenance


    Truancy concerns, fights, parent-teacher relationships

    Small Claims Court

    JCMS mediates almost any kind of dispute that could end up in small claims court

    Jefferson County Employee Mediation Program

    If you are a Jefferson County employee and are interested in mediating with a co-worker, client or supervisor, please contact our office at ext. 5060 for more information.

    Other Situations Where Mediation Can Help

    JCMS Blog - Jeffcomediation.info (This will take you to an external website)



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