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    700 Jefferson County Parkway
    Suite 220
    Open Space Building
    Golden, CO 80401

  • How to Volunteer to be a Mediator

    To volunteer for Jefferson County Mediation Services you must have taken a training in basic mediation practices (generally a 24 to 40 hour course), but you do not need to have any mediation experience. We match new volunteers with experienced mediators on each case, using a co-mediation model.

    If you are interested in volunteering for JCMS, please send us the following documents:

    • Brief cover letter describing your interest in volunteering with JCMS
    • Resume
    • Copy of your mediation training certificate
    • If you have special skills, such as fluency in another language, please note that.

    You can email this information to jsmediation@jeffco.us, or mail them to:
    Jefferson County Mediation Services
    700 Jefferson County Parkway Suite 220
    Golden, CO  80401

    You must attend a volunteer orientation to begin working with JCMS.  We offer these orientation sessions twice a year. Once we receive all of the needed documentation, we will confirm receipt and add you to the list of people to be notified when the next orientation is scheduled.

    Observing Mediation

    JCMS regularly receives requests from students, teachers and other interested parties to observe mediations. As the number of these requests has increased, it has become necessary to develop a written policy.

    JCMS cannot guarantee that mediations will occur, that parties will accept having observers or that parties will even show up.

    If you are affiliated with a university or college program in which mediation observation is part of your course requirements, please be sure to do the following:

    • Each observer must fill out a request to observe mediation form, Adobe PDF Icon and e-mail it to JCMS (jsmediation@jeffco.us) attention Brian.
    • Each observer will then receive a Confidentiality Agreement, and must sign it prior to observing any cases. JCMS will begin scheduling observations only after receiving your signed original agreement.

    For court cases, observers will be notified of the dates that mediators are in court, and will be allowed to choose from available date(s). We allow only one observer for each scheduled mediator.

    • If there is an Agreement to Mediate, the observer must sign this document along with everyone else in the room.
    • As an observer, be aware of the potential impact of your presence and remember that you are there strictly to observe, not to participate. Minimize your impact: don’t rustle papers, eat crunchy foods, or make distracting movements.


    We currently do not have any positions available.