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    100 Jefferson County Pkwy., Ste. 2540 Golden, CO 80419
    Fax: 303-271-8177


    6510 Wadsworth Blvd., #320 Arvada, CO 80003
    Fax: 303-421-8181


    4990 County Hwy. 73 Evergreen, CO 80439
    Fax: 303-674-6399


    2099 Wadsworth Blvd., #K Lakewood, CO 80214
    Fax: 303-202-1724


    11139 Bradford Rd. 80127 Littleton, CO 80127
    Fax: 720-497-7310

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  • Motor Vehicle

    New Print-on-Demand technology drives efficiency at Jefferson County Motor Vehicle Office

    Unused license plates are rolling out of the Jefferson County Motor Vehicle Office warehouse, saving Jeffco taxpayer dollars and Motor Vehicle customer time and energy.

    Shifting gears in the way counties handle unused specialty license plates, the Department of Revenue expects to use the new Print-on-Demand technology to cut millions of dollars from storage and inventory costs.

    The Print-on-Demand program is being implemented across the state through the end of the month. It was developed by the Department of Revenue, County Clerks across Colorado, the Governor’s Office of Information Technology and Colorado Correctional Industries.

    Fast Facts


    Ordering a Specialty License Plate

    • Specialty license plates will be mailed through the U.S. Postal Service and should arrive within 10 days of ordering.
    • An activation code and instructions on how to activate the license plate online or on the phone will be included. If plates are undeliverable for any reason, they will be forwarded to the county.
    • A 30-day temporary permit will be automatically issued if a customer requests a specialty license plate and there are fewer than 30 days remaining on their current permit.


    Watch Quick :45 Second Video - New Print-on-Demand Program


    Last Updated: 9-16-2014