• Geocaching


    Geocaching in Jeffco Open SpaceGeocaching is an outdoor recreation activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches," anywhere in the world. Letterboxing is another form of treasure hunting in which clues are used from one location to the next to find the letterbox. Sometimes a compass is needed. Participants use a personalized, rubber stamp to mark in the logbook.

    Youtube Icon Watch the "Guide to Geocaching Etiquette" from www.geocaching.com External Link Icon to learn more.

    The following guidelines have been developed to provide helpful information for geocache/letterbox opportunities on Jeffco Open Space. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a violation of Jeffco Open Space Rules and Regulations and removal of the cache. Please see all rules and regulations for open space activities for more information. 

    • Geocaches/letterboxes should be independent of any park amenity or facility. They should not be affixed to or placed under or above any structures or improvements on the park.
    • The geocache/letterbox container may not contain food of any type; illegal substances; hazardous materials; profane, obscene, or racist materials, or materials of a sexual nature. Monitoring the contents of the geocache/letterbox is the responsibility of the Geocache/Letterbox owner.
    • The geocache/letterbox site may not be altered in any manner to better hide the geocache/letterbox. Activities that cause destruction of natural resources include, but are not limited to, digging, cutting branches, scraping soil and moving large rocks.
    • Geocaches/letterboxes that cause evidence of unmanaged trail development* (defined below) and destruction of the resource or wildlife habitat may be removed by Jeffco Open Space staff.
    • Any geocache/letterbox placed in a location deemed hazardous may be removed.


     *Definition of "Unmanaged (Social) Trail”: An unmanaged trail is a footpath that has visibly trampled down vegetation, making an obvious route or trail. This trail is neither named by Jeffco Open Space nor identified on any Jeffco Open Space map.