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  • Gold Prospecting within Jefferson County


  • Open Space activity gold panningJefferson County Open Space allows gold prospecting only in Clear Creek Canyon Park, from Tunnel One west to the county line at approximately mile marker 260.5. All prospectors must follow Army Corps of Engineers regulations for recreation prospecting and adhere to Jefferson County Open Space prospecting ethics, rules and regulations. Prospecting activities are prohibited in all other Jefferson County Open Space locations.

    There is one working placer claim in the canyon, and individuals interested in prospecting within this claim must contact Gold-N-Detectors View exit disclaimer policy page for links to third-party websites. at 303-215-0616 to receive permission to work the claim.

    Ethics and Rules for Recreational Gold Prospecting in Clear Creek Canyon Park


    • It is your responsibility to know whose land you are on and to seek the proper permission.
    • Be courteous to other park visitors.
    • Respect the natural resources and follow all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations that govern recreational prospecting. Leave it better than you found it.
    • JCOS supports Leave No Trace principles.


    Rules and Regulations for Gold Prospecting

    • All federal and state laws and county ordinances apply to Jefferson County Open Space.
    • Obey all Jefferson County Open Space Rules and Regulations.
    • All prospecting holes must be filled in before leaving site.
    • Motors/equipment must be fueled/oiled at least 10 feet from water.
    • Fueled equipment must be placed in a catch pan so fuel/oil is not released into the water.
    • Prospecting activities are permitted within the high water mark of the stream only.