• Mountain Biking


  • Mountain Biking within Jeffco Open SpaceWith miles of multi-use trails for those looking for a two-wheeled excursion, Jefferson County Open Space provides mountain biking enthusiasts with opportunities to challenge technical skills, grind up long climbs or simply pedal along quiet trails.

    Sharing the trail is every visitor's responsibility; however, mountain bikers should remember that when encountering other trail users, certain trail etiquette is expected:

    • Equestrians have the right-of-way in all instances unless they yield that right-of-way.  Hikers may chose to yield as well.
    • Use a friendly greeting or bell to gain the attention of other trail users so they are not surprised by your presence.
    • Begin communicating with equestrians at least 50 feet away.  Horses respond to fast-moving objects as a threat.
    • Mountain bikers traveling downhill should yield to uphill mountain bike traffic.
    • Slow to a safe speed when passing other trail users.
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