• Safe and Enjoyable Experiences


  • Many factors make up a safe and enjoyable Jeffco Open Space experience.


    Our parks are a haven for animals of all shapes and sizes, from amphibians and Abert’s squirrels to bighorn sheep and black bear. Help by honoring closures, not feeding wildlife, keeping dogs on leash so as not to disturb or harass wildlife, keeping a safe distance from wildlife, and reporting bear and mountain lion sightings to Jeffco Open Space.


    Any outdoor activity has inherent risks. When you visit Open Space parks you may encounter a variety of weather, terrain, wildlife, or unexpected conditions. These conditions may change during your visit. You will improve the quality of your experience by understanding these risks and taking appropriate precautions. Dress in layers for changing weather conditions. Pack extra water for you and your dog on hot days. Leave the area when lightning is present. Stay away from rivers and valleys during rainstorms.

    Pets in Parks

    Protect your dog by leashing it at all time. This is an important Jeffco Open Space regulation that carries a fine for non-compliance. When on leash, pets are less likely to get lost, encounter snakes, sick or injured animals, large predators or be injured by burrs and thorns. Protect wildlife by not letting your dog chase it. You can receive citations and heavy fines if your dog injures or harasses wildlife. Leashed dogs are less likely to intimidate other visitors and their pooches.

    Pick up after your pet. Dog waste does not break down like wild animal waste. Left alone, it fouls our water and land. Dog waste can contain harmful organisms like E.coli, giardia, salmonella, roundworms, hookworms and cryptosporidium. All of these can be passed on to people and other pets through run-off or on the bottom of a shoe. Beyond this, dog waste smells and is just a terrible waste of scenery.

    Share the Trail

    It is everyone’s responsibility to share the trail with other users. Read the Open Space Share the Trail etiquette before you go.

    Respect Closures

    Trail closures on Jeffco Open Space parks can be in place for several different reasons including seasonal wildlife nesting or calving areas; damaged trails or temporary hazards on the trails; hunting time period (Centennial Cone Park only); and wildfire or floods. These closures are put in place for your safety, and to encourage natural wildlife cycles. Please respect closures as disregarding them can not only damage trails further, but increase your risk of injury.