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  • History is the study of the past, specifically how it relates to humans. By capturing memory, discovery, collection, organization and presentation, we keep the stories of the past relevant to our lives today.


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    Pine Valley Ranch – Baehrden

    Tucked in among towering ponderosa pines, Baehrden stands sentry over Pine Lake. The 27-room lodge was built for Chicago executive William Baehr and his family in 1927. Since acquiring the lodge with the 820-acre property in 1986, Jeffco Open Space has worked to preserve its exterior. After extensive restoration, visitors are able to enjoy summertime tours.

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    Mount Falcon – Walker Ruins

    A short trail at Mount Falcon forays from the west to reveal the rags-to-riches-to-rags story of visionary John Brisben Walker. Remnants include stone walls of his early-1900s home and the cornerstone of a would-be summer White House for U.S. Presidents. Later, the Kirchhof family built a wooden tower, situated along Tower Trail, which visitors can climb to survey wonders of the landscape that never cease to amaze.

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    Alderfer/Three Sisters – Blair Ranch

    The earliest land patent associated with the Blair property was issued on August 24, 1896 to Henry Venable. This land patent encompassed the southern 160 acres of the property. Halsey P. Gabriel homesteaded the northern 160 acres of the property in 1903.

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    Apex Park – Toll Roads

    Finding “mining the miners” brought more wealth than prospecting for rare gold strikes; entrepreneurs began building toll roads to the gold-mining camps. They founded rough supply towns along their toll roads, including Arapahoe City, Golden Gate City, Boulder City, Golden City, Mount Vernon, Bradford City, Piedmont and Apex.

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