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    Encouraging Healthy Choices at Crown Hill Park

    Encouraging Healthy Choices at Crown Hill Park:
    No “BUTTS” About It!

    Starting the week of November 30, 2015, Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS) will place signs at Crown Hill Park reminding park visitors, including teens, that state statute prohibits possession of any tobacco or marijuana product by a minor and prohibits public consumption of marijuana by anyone of any age.

    This notice from JCOS and Wheat Ridge High School is intended to provide the neighborhood and families of Wheat Ridge High School students with information regarding the new sign postings at Crown Hill Park. Please join us in sharing this information, supporting compliance with these regulations and contacting the appropriate authorities if you observe violations or have questions about state statutes.

    This management decision at Crown Hill Park supports the JCOS Mission and Master Plan, as well as other tobacco policies in the community.
    • One element of the JCOS mission is to provide healthy, nature-based experiences.
    • Jefferson County Public Schools are entirely tobacco and drug-free. The use of any form of tobacco, electronic smoking devices/vaporizers, and marijuana is prohibited. This applies to everyone including students, staff, and visitors of all ages on any school property.
    • The City Council of Wheat Ridge recently voted to expand smoke and vapor-free protections for all City-owned parks, recreation areas, sports/athletic fields, trails and transit waiting areas. This includes Discovery Park.

    How can you help?
    If you observe minors smoking, using a vaporizing device or using other forms of tobacco…

    …on neighborhood sidewalks/personal property or school grounds:

    • Remain calm and respectful. Avoid confrontational approaches and/or arguing.
    • Greet minors and introduce yourself; ask them to introduce themselves.
    • If appropriate, direct them to the information and resources provided in this notice.
    • If you have made contacts with minors without their cooperation, please call Wheat Ridge High School at (303) 982-7695 or the Wheat Ridge Police Department at (303) 237-2220. Be prepared to provide as much descriptive detail as possible about the interaction.

    …at Crown Hill Park:

    • Remain calm and respectful. Avoid confrontational approaches and/or arguing.
    • If you are comfortable, refer to the posted signs and remind them that state law prohibits possession of tobacco by a minor.
    • Report the violation to the Open Space Rangers via the Jefferson County Sheriff’s non-emergency number.  Be prepared to provide as much descriptive detail as possible including number of persons in party, approximate age, sex, height, weight, clothing type and color, and specific location within park.

    If you observe anyone of any age using marijuana publicly, contact the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number, 303-277-0211.  Response time may be delayed or not possible based on other, more emergent situations.

    Additional Information/Resources:
    • Information about signage at Crown Hill Park:
    Jefferson County Open Space
    Mary Ann Bonnell, Visitor Services Supervisor (303) 271-5995 or mbonnell@jeffco.us
    • Information about tobacco prevention, secondhand smoke/vapor exposure, and state and local laws:
    Jefferson County Public Health
    (303) 275-7555 or dviviveret@jeffco.us 
    • Quit tobacco support:
    Colorado QuitLine
    1-800-QUIT NOW (784-8669) or www.coquitline.org
    Smoke-Free Teen teen.smokefree.gov
    • Resource for substance abuse/mental health needs:
    Colorado Crisis Services
    1-844-493-TALK (8255) or www.coloradocrisisservices.org

    Thea Rock
    Manager of Communications

    November 22, 2015

    Last Updated: 11-23-2015