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    Jeffco Open Space Goes Beyond Its Borders for Key Connection

    Jeffco Open Space (JCOS) announces an unprecedented land acquisition along with their partners The Trust for Public Land (TPL), Clear Creek County Open Space (CCCOS) and the Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT). The 108-acre parcel, called North Floyd Hill, is located on the north side of Interstate-70 in Clear Creek County, and is the first acquisition that JCOS has made outside of the County.

    This key acquisition represents important connections and partnerships between land management agencies and land trust organizations. This property will serve as a trailhead with trails that provide access to CCCOS and JCOS lands and other public lands totaling more than 7,000 acres by adding approximately 5.2 miles of new trail. The potential for connection to the popular Peaks to Plains Trail is an exciting prospect as it will offer an additional access point to that trail and will disperse use. The transaction goes beyond jurisdictional lines, as it is more about the benefits to the visitors than who owns the land.

    TPL initially approached JCOS about the project and facilitated partnerships with the neighboring agencies and MALT. The property will be co-owned by CCCOS and JCOS, with CCCOS providing $300,000 and JCOS contributing $200,000 for the purchase. This is not the first time that JCOS has partnered with CCCOS; they have worked together on a segment of the Peaks to Plains Trail straddling the county line in Clear Creek Canyon as well. In addition, Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) awarded a $545,000 grant to TPL, in partnership with MALT, for the North Floyd Hill purchase. This grant is part of GOCO’s Open Space Grant Program which will protect 13,000 acres of land in this latest cycle.

    The Jefferson County Board of Commissioners were supportive of the acquisition and approved it knowing the long-term vision and benefits to the public.

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    Jeffco Open Space was founded as a land conservation organization in 1972. Our mission is to preserve open space and parkland, protect park and natural resources, and provide healthy, nature-based experiences. Funded with a one-half of one percent sales tax, our organization contributes to city and recreation district projects, has preserved more than 54,000 acres, and manages 28 regional parks and more than 230 miles of trails in Jefferson County, Colorado.

    Matt Robbins
    Community Connections Manager

    December 9, 2016

    Last Updated: 12-9-2016