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  • Centennial Cone Park




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  • Centennial Cone Park offers a near-backcountry experience, with a 12-mile trail loop that challenges stamina, offers sweeping views of Clear Creek and provides the opportunity to see elk and other wildlife over wide expanses.

    Centennial Cone Park is unique in the Open Space system for separating hikers and bikers on weekends. Hikers enjoy the park on odd-numbered weekend dates, bikers on even-numbered dates. This policy, enforced by our rangers, has been widely supported by park visitors. Equestrians are welcome on any day.

    2015 Alternating Use Schedule Adobe PDF Icon   

    Getting There

    North Access: 4306 Camino Perdido, Golden External Link Icon. Horse trailer parking permitted.

    West Access: 2234 Douglas Mountain Road, Golden External Link Icon. No horse trailer parking. 

    Mayhem Gulch Trailhead, Clear Creek Canyon Road: From Golden, the trailhead is between mile marker 262.5 and 262, 9.5 miles from the intersection of US 6 and State Highway 93, on the north side of the road.