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  • Crown Hill Park


  • A natural haven amid a suburban neighborhood, Crown Hill Park is a place to retreat, admire abundant birdlife and enjoy a wide range of recreation.
    Once bountiful with wheat and vegetable crops, Crown Hill is now where visitors steal away to stroll, in-line skate, cycle and run on a 1.2-mile paved trail around Crown Hill Lake, while anglers ply its shore for bass, catfish and trout. The lake provides irrigation for the neighboring Crown Hill Cemetery and does not allow for swimming, wading or floating.   Equestrians enjoy a 2.25-mile loop around the park. The wetlands in the northwest corner, Kestrel Pond, is certified as a National Urban Wildlife Refuge for its value to a variety of migrating waterfowl. Kestrel Pond is closed during peak nesting season from March 1 to June 30 except for official Open Space business or the occasional naturalist-led Nature Program or School Program offered by Lookout Mountain Nature Center.

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    Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Nature Center programs, usually offered in the spring, helps to guide visitors in co-existing with coyotes. Coyotes should never be fed. Dogs must be leashed at all times for their safety and that of visitors and wildlife, as in all Open Space Parks and throughout the county, with the exception of designated off-leash areas.  

    View the Bird Species Checklist for Crown Hil Park Adobe Reader is required for viewing this document

    Getting There

    9307 West 26th Avenue, Lakewood
    From 6th Avenue, turn north on Kipling to 26th Avenue. The main parking lot is located on 26th Avenue between Garrison and Garland streets. An equestrian lot is just to the west of the main lot, on 26th Avenue.

    Crown Hill Park can be accessed by bus. Bus #100 runs along Kipling Parkway, on the park's western border. Bus # 32 runs along 32nd Avenue, on the park's northern border. Bus # 28 runs along W 26th Avenue, on the park's southern border. Visit RTD External Link Icon for more info.  

    Crown Hill Park Trailhead Project

    Planning and design work has been completed for the Crown Hill Park Trailhead Project.  Construction will be underway in the next few weeks.  Please see the April 2015 update for details. 

    Crown Hill Park Final Plan Adobe Reader is required for viewing this document .

    Crown Hill Park Trailhead Project - March 2015 Adobe Reader is required for viewing this document

    2013 Crown Hill Park Survey: 

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    The Crown Hill Park Wildlife Refuge, which includes Kestrel Pond, is closed until July 1. This allows waterfowl and wetland birds to breed and brood with less disturbance.  

  • Park Information

    Crown Hill Park Map Adobe PDF Icon

    9307 W. 26th Ave.
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    Acres: 242

    Miles of Trail: 10.5

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