• Deer Creek Canyon Park Trail Profiles


  • Trail Name Distance Elevation Gain and Loss Description
    Golden Eagle 0.5 miles +176' / -203'  No Bikes; scenic view at summit; 3-mile hike to reach trailhead.
    Homesteader 1 mile +396' / -216' No Bikes; forested trail with an average 4 percent grade; trail follows canyon rim on the north side.
    Meadowlark 1.6 miles +830' / -407'  No Bikes; exposed with great views of parking area, meadows and the south valley; consistent 10 percent grade.
    Plymouth Creek 2.4 miles +1,343' / -431' Multi-user trail; lush sections; rocky in spots; steep climb west of Meadowlark junction.
    Plymouth Mountain 2.2 miles +884' /-733' Multi-user trail with scenic views to the east; Steep side slope on north end.
    Rattlesnake Gulch      0.4 miles   Trail connects with South Valley Park
    Red Mesa Loop 2.5 miles +851' / -841' Multi-user trail with open view of the canyon and forested section.
    Scenic View 0.4 miles +165' / -24' Short, multi-user trail with steep section; beautiful 360-degree summit view.